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Say it with Roses

With Valentine’s day imminent and romance in the air, I thought I would share an original and clever new concept that has recently come onto the UK market.

I am intrigued with this product as it is ‘branded roses’ – and that’s real, fresh, genuine roses too…. not the silk variety!

How good is that?

Coca Cola branded roses - red roses naturally


These beautiful, handpicked roses are available in many colours and can feature your logo or message on a petal. The distinctive and patented printing process is expertly applied by hand and is even able to pick up on very detailed designs. You can choose from single stem branded roses supplied individually in stunning boxes or full bouquets with all, or just a few roses printed. These roses can also be carefully packaged and sent out by mail. With no loss of freshness or visual impact at the receiving end; this makes them ideal for PR or new business campaigns.

We have just used these roses in goodie bags for a musical showcase hosted for music executives at the Ivy Club in London.  The classical musician’s name was printed in gold onto red roses and they were placed alongside branded champagne from The Bottle Boutique

The guests were very impressed indeed and, understandably; there was much fascination with the roses.

Goody Bags for The Ivy Club, London

The emotional ‘pull’ and pleasure that roses can evoke, also make these branded roses simply perfect for a customer loyalty programme; as handouts at fashion and beauty events; retail and restaurant openings and for the tables at gala dinners and awards ceremonies.

For further information about how to say it with roses, contact us now by email or on 0161 222 8981

Luxury Chocolate Positioned Well Beyond Five Star

The Bespoke Goody Bag Company speak to the creators of The World’s most luxurious chocolate.

We interview Roy and Tracey Jones from The-Chocolate….

Describe your product and your target market?

The Chocolate is decadent and opulent because is the finest chocolate in the World.  Pure 24 carat gold flakes and Swarovski crystals are all the ingredients used to make the most luxurious chocolate experience worldwide.

Our target market is all those people who appreciate the finer things in life.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Felix Dennis – Publishing tycoon. We follow him via his website.  He is fascinating. Anyone wanting/needing inspiration should read his book ‘How to get rich’.  It’s a no nonsense, real and humorous account of his life… the highs and the lows. And more recently, Cardinal Angelo Comastri, he inspires compassion and faith in humanity.

What has been your hardest day in business so far?

Our most stressful day has got to be that of our first major photo shoot because we had the model, photographer, make-up and hair artist, stylist and venue all ready to roll as planned at 8.30am.  The chocolate was made BUT, due to a last minute hitch the box didn’t arrive until 8.53am.  It then had to be handcrafted with the 447 Swarovski crystals!! We made it though and a fabulous day it ended.

Over 400 Swarovski crystals hand applied per box so no box will ever be the same

What has been your proudest?

The day we finally launched after 2 years of planning, researching, tasting and designing etc. When Jetgala magazine (magazine for private jet owners) and Trendhunter magazine (world’s largest Internet luxury magazine) featured The Chocolate.  Plus, the day when we were invited to Cannes film festival to showcase The Chocolate!

If you were given £1 million pound that had to be spent in a day, what would you do with it?

Purchase a property in Tuscany, Italy.  Another one also in Stratford-upon-Avon. Go mad in Louis Vuitton, some fine art for Roy and any remaining to charity.

If you had a business slogan, what would it be?

Our current one – A Fusion of British Artisan and Italian Passion.

If you were to choose a Hollywood star to play you in your life story, who would it be and why?

Roy – Al Pacino because he is not tall! But more importantly he has passion. Tracey – Cameron Diaz because she is blonde! But mainly because she appears friendly, compassionate has a zest for life.

What would you like to see in your perfect ‘goody bag’?

Branded bottles by The Bottle Boutique

Pol Roger champagne personalised by Bottle Boutique.  Bottles of Gucci perfume and a ‘Jennifer Lopez’ pink diamond.


Where do you hope to be in 5 years time?
For The Chocolate to be recognised as the most luxurious chocolate experience in the entire World!

Contact:  Tel 0161 222 8981 or direct: for further information.

Your Brand with Added Bottle



The Bespoke Goody Bag Company now has a ‘sister’ in the form of a complementary business to their goody bags offering and it is a totally unique product! 


This exciting new addition is called The Bottle Boutique.  The Bottle Boutique produce branded bottles of wine, cava and champagne.  By branded we mean, ‘Your brand’ – and not the brand of the champagne house!

Ferrari, Google, E-on, Jaguar, Harley Davidson and Virgin love The Bottle Boutique product

They colour coat the entire bottle to feature your logo, message or event details…… matching pantones and metallic colours and all without the use of sticky labels or shrink wrap. You can have just a handful of bottles or thousands to suit your needs, in magnum, standard and miniature sizes. So whether it’s a PR event, dinner, product launch, show or corporate gift, they can match the requirement perfectly.

The Bottle Boutique only use award winning wines and champagnes

All of which might lead you to expect a hefty price-tag, but in reality, The Bottle Boutique pricing is on a par with comparable wines and champagnes off the retail shelf.

For further information contact The Bottle Boutique NOW on 0161 222 8981 or email on