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Goody Bags to Rescue Sales on The High Street!

The austere conditions on the high street at the moment following the sad demise of some long established major players must be making our other UK’s retailers very nervous about their future. 

Are we becoming immune to the temptation of the cliched Sale?


Consumers are holding back, spending less and need a very good reason to go into a store or onto a website to part with their money.  They are also becoming wise to the often mis-leading and clichéd mid-season sales and half price promotions that many players within the furniture business are especially guilty of.  Consumers want more transparency; good old fashioned service; a genuine incentive to buy and a good deal when they do.

I am surprised about how few retail marketing teams and CRM managers use goody bags as a marketing solution.  Perhaps it is the term ‘goody bags’ that seems a tad frivolous and therefore are not regarded as potential contenders in the polished and results driven marketing world.  Maybe it’s because they think that the competition are not doing goody bags so why should they. Or it could be quite simply, that the option never comes to mind.

Whatever the case, ask a consumer what a goody bag is; and they all know. 

Everyone Loves a Goody Bag

I will never forget being outside a large Disney Store at the Trafford Centre in Manchester and there was a long queue out the door.  Apparently, word had got round very quickly that they were giving out free goody bags, so the queue was growing fast.  I saw people coming out of the store with their little plastic bags and I asked someone if I could take a look at what they had.  The goody bags contained 2 or 3 tiny Disney character pen toppers. That’s all. …nothing spectacular.  However, people of all ages were taking their time to queue to get them.  I spoke to a few people in the queue and the majority didn’t even know what they were getting but it was free so they wanted one. 

The store was a magnet and people were going into that shop that would not in normal circumstances.  To them, they were getting an unmissable [free] deal and the generous and welcoming service messages that the store was conveying was making more people join that queue.

How to make a Goody Bag Pay in Retail

Well executed and highly targeted goody bags can be very effective by engaging directly with customers, influencing their behaviour and increasing footfall and transactional spend.

Goody Bags can be an excellent return on investment


A goody bag need not be expensive and a budget can easily be produced by looking at your margins.   There are many ways in which you can monitor your return on investment too, unlike many other soft marketing campaigns that often get awarded big budgets but offer poor forms of measure.

Every retailer and e-tailer will have very differing needs with each requiring a bespoke approach to meet their own objectives.  Here are just a few tips for any retail and e-commerce goody bag campaign:

  •  Goody bags can be a marketing solution for all types of promotions:  for a simple data gathering exercise; rewarding customer loyalty; recommending a friend; signing up for a credit account; to influence an increase in a transactional spend; driving customers to visit a store; social media campaigns; preview events and much more.
  •          Additional giveaways within the bags should be something practical that they will use and are able to keep.  Instant disposable items such as confectionery and food items branded up are a waste as they get eaten and your brand is quickly in the bin, unless of course, the objective of the goody bags is to encourage trial of a food or drink product. Research your target market and give them what they will want, value and hold onto. 
  •        Social media is an ideal FREE platform in which to build awareness of your goody bag offering so ensure that you feature your goody bag promotion on your Facebook page and tweet about it regularly on Twitter……especially effective for campaigns aimed at the teens and twenties.  Clever viral campaigns to promote the offering on You Tube can take the exposure to exceptional levels.
  •     Include money saving vouchers or further promotions within the goody bags that have staggered dates.  This way you will get repeat business or you can support a seasonal campaign such as pre-Christmas trading.  This is also a valuable tool for calculating your ROI.
  •        You can charge for goody bags too.  Consumers within certain industry sectors would be more accepting of this, such as fashion, beauty and sport.  A discounted, highly desirable goody bag would still generate the results you need.  For instance, if Top Shop were offering girls branded goody bags with Top Shop branded lips glosses, files and bath bombs for £4 on purchases over £50, you would increase the average transactional spend and make a high margin on the goody bag too.  You would also boost footfall and, if you were to link this into a social media campaign, your results would soar.  If your staff are going to be handing them out away from the store, ensure that they have a firm brief about the profile of the people to whom they should be given.  Where possible, encourage an exchange of name and email address in return for the goody bag to data capture names for the future.
  •  Brand the bag and the items within the bag with as many contact details and messages that you can fit on.  Social media addresses and use of QR codes are becoming increasingly important.


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