promotional mobile phones

Promotional Mobile first to Market







It took sometime but it is here at last!  The World’s first ever promotional mobile phone has made it to market.

And, before any assumptions are made – these mobiles are NOT printed using:

a) A wrap
b) Adhesive dome stickers
c) Click on covers
or d) Sticky labels

Branding onto these phones is created during the manufacture process at the very outset of the phone’s build.  The finish is extremely high-end and the quality and clarity of print is impossible to improve upon.

Created by a world leading telecoms manufacturer, these branded phones are currently available as simple call and text phones. 

However, from early 2012, a web and camera enabled version will also be available with minimum order quantities from just 2 units.
The current, ‘call and text’ version comes unlocked and can be used in Europe on a 2G network.   They make ideal second or third phones and it is easy for you to pop in a local pay-as-you-go SIM card for instant use.

These mobile phones are a Brand Manager’s dream promotional product and they lend themselves to a whole host of corporate marketing promotions.  They are ideal for incentives; sales promotions; goody bags; for employee’s mobiles or for gifting to valued customers.

Minimum order is currently just 300 units (for the call and text version) and they cost in the region of £35 each.  All phones are boxed with instructions and a phone charger.  The next generation (the camera and web enabled version) will be available early 2012 from just 2 units.

For more information, contact us now on 0161 222 8981 or email us at to find out more.