nylon hats in bags

Pop-Up Promotional Hats

These promotional hats are one of our favourite 2012 summer giveaways.

I was handed one of these at a music festival in South Devon last year.  I was very taken with them and I have kept mine, with the intention of using it again this year.

The weather at the festival was very sunny but at times we also had a little rain…. good old blighty, eh?  These hats were ideal as they kept our heads dry from the drizzle and provided added protection when the sun came out.  The hats also managed to fit two adults comfortably and children of 8 and 9.  Not surprising, the children especially loved these hats.

The cowboy hat shape is also a popular style and given that they are unisex, they were used by most people throughout the day.  This was an excellent result for the drinks manufacturer who supplied them free of charge, as their brand was highly visible during the entire event.  The hat’s zipper bag was also useful, as there was plenty of room for a few other bits and pieces – I was able to fit in a small sun cream, lip balm and my mobile. The long handle of the bag also makes it easy to wear around your neck and is very lightweight – so it won’t get in the way of anyone wishing to have  an active and fun day.

One size fits all and a variety of colours

Both the hat and the bag are brandable and one size fits all for the hat.  The hat folds down easily to be stored back into the bag and both are made from a nylon material and folding mechanism akin to small pop-up tents. They are available in a varied mix of colours and lead-time is just 3 weeks.

If you are looking for some promotional hats for an outdoor event of any kind, what not try these?  Get in touch today for more information on 0161 222 8981 or on info@thebespokegoodybagco.co.uk