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Promotional Pedal Power

Sadly, these wouldn’t fit into a goody bag but they would work fantastically well alongside them for health, sport, fitness or wellness campaigns!

Orangina branded bike

Branded promotional bikes are a superb, cost-effective marketing tool and offer a novel and fun opportunity in which to build awareness for your brand or event – or simply to communicate a specific marketing message.  They are a must-have for outdoor events such as festivals; health road-shows; community campaigns; competitions; incentives and educational projects.

The bikes themselves are expertly manufactured in the UK by a company that supplies bikes to many of Europe’s biggest multiples.  The range is vast too, with bikes for children, teens and adults; entry level and professional top-end performance bikes.  Our favourite is the cool, folding, electric bike which has a small re-chargeable box under the seat that can be plugged in anywhere – perfect for cycling around cities where parking is at a premium.

The cycling market has grown 28% in the past year alone and there are some 13 million active cyclists in the UK, so demand is high.  Moreover, the average life expectancy of a bike at between 10 – 12,000 miles, means that your brand could be pedalled and admired for years to come – and be seen by thousands.

Treat the team to a branded bike as a summer performance related incentive

Bikes can be purchased from units of just one and there is little that they can’t do in terms of application of your brand.  With summer around the corner; why not treat all your staff to a corporate branded bike each?  They’ll be cheaper than a gym membership, likely to be used more frequently and kept longer than twelve months.

Range Rover

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