branded buckets and spades

Hello Summer!

Whilst the British Weather may be a little hit and miss at the moment, there is no doubt that as ‘dates’ go, we are indeed in the heart of British summertime.

We stoic Brits are well able to manage the fickle ways of our national weather.  We have had many years of practice and – whilst this year seems to be pushing the boundaries somewhat – we live in hope that we might be able to surface with our buckets and spades sometime soon.

The humble plastic bucket and spade…  an image; iconic of traditional British summertime is – as wellies are to winter.   Past and present, buckets and spades evoke happy memories – carefree and sunny days in the company of friends and family. Lazy days on the beach eating ice-creams, donkey rides, paddling and returning home later tired but bursting with happiness after the events of the day.

If you are an event planner – capture these emotions for your event and you have created the perfect atmosphere and your event certain of success.

Buckets and spades can be an excellent alternative to the usual goody bag, especially if the theme is ‘summer party’ or you are having an outdoor event.  They also cost much the same as a quality branded gift bag but the effect that they have would be entirely different.  Imagine the tables of a summer event filled with colourful buckets filled with summer related gifts! 

Buckets and spades can be sourced in all sizes and colours (including pantone matching on larger quantities) and we can brand both the bucket and the spade with your logo if you wish in up to 5 spot colours.  The spade can be attached on the side, tied with branded or co-ordinated ribbon.

The buckets themselves can be filled with anything that suits the occasion or theme.  Here’s a few ideas:

  • Miniature champagne with chocolates
  • Cocktail, shaker and cocktail recipe book
  • Pimms, lemonade, a fresh lemon and a pair of sunglasses
  • Summer essentials kit containing sunscreen, flip flops, fans and a travel book
  • Fun in the sun kit containing fake tan, novelty sunglasses, inflatable beach toys

If you are planning a summer party or event, why not consider using buckets rather than bags?  For more information, contact us today on 0161 222 8981 or email us on