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Promoting Personal Safety

personal safety alarm

Many stylish stock designs

I recall when personal alarms were first introduced to the market many years back.  I had one myself which was designed to be carried around in the palm of your hand, with a press button to use when you ever felt at threat, or worse; under attack. At the time, my little alarm felt more like a hand grenade to me.  I was terrified that it would go off in my hand by mistake so it managed to spend a lot more time switched off at the bottom of my handbag than ever in my hand.

Since then, personal alarms have really come on and I only wish that this brand was around for me all those years back….

brand your own personal safety alarm

BRANDED: Highly visible and quality print finish for branded alarms

These NEW personal safety alarms have been carefully thought through and designed to appeal firstly, as a chic and feminine, fashion accessory that can be attached to any handbag or keychain.  In fact, you would never guess they are alarms at all – just attractive handbag accessories.  There’s an excellent choice of stock styles to choose from or you can have your own branded version created with your logo on; starting at just 100 pieces. Lloyds TSB; Mulberry; Sheila’s Wheels; Coca Cola; BMW and British Airways have all had these promotional alarms created for their staff and customers.

The alarm doesn’t go off with a button, it has a small chain that hangs from the bottom that, when pulled out, emits an unbelievably high decibel sound of a female scream.  I have one. I have heard it and it is loud! Enough to clear a whole room of wannabe attackers, I would say.
The fact that these clever little devices are brand-able makes them perfect promotional items for the female promotions market, ladies events, fashion event goody bags, female employee gifts and safety campaigns.

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