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From Promotional Flyers to Flowers

For goody bags or promotions in which your key messages need to focus on growth; the environment; sustainability; ethical or green issues and for companies managing a sustainable working practice, we have a fresh idea for you with endless possibilities for use. 

This innovative product is ‘seeded’ paper and card that is impregnated with flower seeds.  The material is made from 100% re-cycled paper and produced with organic pigments.  Furthermore, when it is no longer required, it will actually grow into flowers when planted!

Sainsbury's recipe card printed on seeded paper

The paper is made from a unique manufacturing process which infuses the card with flower seeds which you cannot see.  The material has an attractive, eco/recycled looking appearance and the texture is a little like that of a thin, biodegradable style jiffy pot that you would use to plant seedlings. When this paper is eventually planted, each paper sheet or card acts like a mulch to retain moisture for the seeds.    

Printing is no problem too as there is the option to print up to four colour process and for debossing also; which looks particularly effective.  It is a perfect solution for marketing campaigns or packaging requirements with a recyclable bias.  Such is the products eco credentials, that ethically aware and active cosmetics company, ‘Lush’ use this product for their packaging and, many more companies with an eye on sustainability and commercial waste are taking notice. 

How the paper works

The Lush brand demonstrate their eco credentials using seeded paper packaging

This unique product can be used to create:

  •  Seeded cards
  •  Books
  •  Packaging
  •  Stationery
  •  Swing tags
  •  Bookmarks
  •  Greetings cards

…. and indeed anything that you want, as bespoke projects can also be undertaken. 

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