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Your Brand with Added Bottle



The Bespoke Goody Bag Company now has a ‘sister’ in the form of a complementary business to their goody bags offering and it is a totally unique product! 


This exciting new addition is called The Bottle Boutique.  The Bottle Boutique produce branded bottles of wine, cava and champagne.  By branded we mean, ‘Your brand’ – and not the brand of the champagne house!

Ferrari, Google, E-on, Jaguar, Harley Davidson and Virgin love The Bottle Boutique product

They colour coat the entire bottle to feature your logo, message or event details…… matching pantones and metallic colours and all without the use of sticky labels or shrink wrap. You can have just a handful of bottles or thousands to suit your needs, in magnum, standard and miniature sizes. So whether it’s a PR event, dinner, product launch, show or corporate gift, they can match the requirement perfectly.

The Bottle Boutique only use award winning wines and champagnes

All of which might lead you to expect a hefty price-tag, but in reality, The Bottle Boutique pricing is on a par with comparable wines and champagnes off the retail shelf.

For further information contact The Bottle Boutique NOW on 0161 222 8981 or email on

Looking for a Designer Handbag?

Think ‘quality gift bags’ and you will probably picture a smart, rope or ribbon handled boutique variety…..quality card, sturdy and stylish.   

Ribbon handled luxury boutique style bag

Our main bag requests at The Bespoke Goody Bag Company is for the supply of high quality plain coloured goody bags that can be overprinted with a company logo, details of an event or a new product design.  We know that we are experts on this area of the business (we say, modestly!).  We choose only the best quality bags, use leading suppliers and the best printing methods available.  We never, ever compromise on our bags.  First impressions are vital and we love a happy customer.  Like these ones here….

“ They have arrived – they look amazing!!!!”  Holly at Mattel referring to Barbie’s, ‘Ken’ designer bags for London Fashion Week. Feb 2011

“They are amazing! Thank you so, so much! Everyone was very impressed” Bee at Decca Records for her valentine bags at The Ivy, London. Feb 2011 

“They have arrived and they look wonderful and so classy, thank you so much for all your help.”  Amanda at Phoenix Insurance for her corporate branded bags. December 2010


Red ruffle bag - chic alternative to the usual goody bag

We also do lots of goody bags for fashion, bar/club launches, and promotions.  Occasionally, we are able to relax the corporate approach; such as when the brief from a client is for fashion or beauty led goody bags.  They want something edgy and memorable that reflects their establishment or brand.  They want desirable goody bags that will get talked about and coveted by others.  For occasions like this, we are able to use the red ruffle gift bag shown here [also available in pink and black], the animal print gift bag here or the sequin clutch gift bag [also in pink].

Animal print gift bag

Sequin 'clutch' gift bag


Whilst these may look like real designer handbags; they are anything but and a great deal more affordable!  They’re a clever design made from a card base with decoration over the top.

Filled them with branded compact mirrors; lip glosses; foldable ballet pumps and a miniature branded bottle of champagne and you have the ultimate girls goody bag.

If you are interested in any of these bags, goody bags or quality branded bags for any occasion then do get in touch today on 0161 222 8981 or

Free Water and Money on Tap!

With spring now upon us, there will be thousands of you out there looking ahead to summer and stepping up a gear in the hard yakka of planning for all those hundreds of sporting events and festivals that the UK will host. 

 If that is you, then do not miss a trick with your water supplies!

If you intend to hand-out free water bottles, put them in goody bags or sell it at your event, then do consider buying your water with your own logo on the label – this can be your brand, the event logo or a sponsors.  Having your own custom labelled bottles of water will cost you much the same as wholesale bottled water, so if the option is open to you then this is pretty much a no- brainer.  You may even SAVE money!

You can also sell the label as a sponsorship opportunity to a supporter or sponsor and in doing so, recoup the entire cost of the water….. Now there’s a great cost saving exercise and a slap on the back from the boss, eh?

We can get you all sizes of water bottles and if you like, we can also get hold of health drinks & juices, smoothies, energy drinks and alcohol miniatures – again, all with the option to brand the label to your requirements.

For information about your own brand on any of these bottles or goody bags for sporting events and festivals, do get in touch now.  Tel 0161 222 8981 or email