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Cakes that go POP!

New York is pretty much a year ahead in terms of ‘cupcake fashion’ but over here in London we have found our very own UK, ‘Cupcake Fashionista’. 

Harpreet was a high flying corporate lawyer in a former life but she gave that all up to follow her passion for cake creation and all things beautiful and delicious.  With a savvy eye on the fast emerging trends in cake innovation, she is fast becoming a recognised name and first choice for many high profile names….. she recently did the cupcakes for Katy Perry and Russell Brand’s wedding in India and cakes for Capital FM’s, ‘Help a London Child’.

 Harpreet has recently launched a stylish new product known as Cake Pops.  These are basically coated cake balls on a stick…… or, quite simply, a cake and a lollipop in one.  These are uber stylish, very ‘New York’ and much in demand!

These cake pops can be grouped together for a table decoration or used individually within goody bags for fashion events, restaurant and club launches and all types of corporate events.

If you are interested in your own branded or styled cake pops for a forthcoming event or PR campaign, contact us now for further information.  Telephone 0161 222 8981

2011 Cricket World Cup Goody Bags

If you are currently planning to THROW a memorable corporate event and are looking to BOWL your guests OVER, then why not consider a Cricket theme? With the Cricket World Cup being held in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and running over 3 months from February – April 2011 there’s every reason to take full advantage.  

 With 14 countries taking part, you could create tables decorated with the flags of the individual countries and novelty elements to CATCH the traditions and cultural differences of the teams.  You could also provide cricket-themed goody bags for your guests to take home as a reminder of ONE DAY they will never forget. 


We can RUN OUT super themed bags AT NEAR 90 MPH DELIVERY SPEED for all your guests with wooden miniature bats, dinky 8″ wickets and genuine mini cricket balls!  Each item also has the option to be branded in various ways, including the outer bags that they come in for that EXTRA COVER. 

We even have a selection of tasty cricket themed chocolate treats to SLIP in there, too. Anything is possible so you can either play it with a STRAIGHT BAT or be more daring by really bowling your guests a GOOGLY with a function without BOUNDARIES!! Don’t DISMISS this great opportunity.

Miniature branded cricket bat and wickets


Looking for some themed goody bags?  Be it Cricket or something simple, weird or wonderful, we can help. Contact us today on 0161 222 8981 or